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Online Credit Card Payment with Third Party Authorization.

Third party is  company that gathers and verifies the payment of funds that flow from one party to another.  The buyer need to register itself with the third party company. 

Steps involved Online Credit Card Payment through Online Third Party Processor(OTTP).  It is very easy to purchase anything online.

  • After filling all the fields of registration form accurately, Online Third Party Processor account number is given to buyer that relays to the processor, information about buyers profile who uses a credit card as their financial device.
  • The buyer sends a request to seller regarding the online purchase by specifying Online Third Party Processor(OTTP) account number. There are two ways in which the purchase request is made.
    • The buyer gives the access privileges to seller who can access his/her account number and produces the bill.
    • The buyer himself can enter the account details.
  • The seller then submit the buyer;s account number to Online Third Party Processor(OTTP) accounting server to make an Online Credit Card Payment.
  • Accounting server after receiving the account details verifies if the account number specifies is accurate and does the account have sufficient amount for making an online credit card payment.
  • The accounting server then sends an email or any electronic message to the buyer who can make the acceptance/reject it.
  • If Online Third Party Processor(OTTP) server receives positive acknowledgement, a message is send to the seller who then allow the buyer to access the resources if its an online product.
  • OTTP Server will store the buyer's account details unless it receives the acknowledgement about the completion of the purchase process.


  1. Just like everyone visiting a car dealer will be offered a different price, so may be the case with your next credit card application. Customers need to be aware of the various ways that banks can make different offers to different people.

  2. he credit card processing service is responsible for verifying that the customer's card is acceptable. The card-issuing bank is contacted for authorization, and to debit the customer's account.

  3. A credit card is different from a charge card because a charge card requires the balance to be paid in full each month. In contrast, credit cards allow the consumers a continuing balance of debt, subject to interest being charged.


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