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Punch Line/ Tag Line Associated with Products / Companies - A

Very often you must have asked for Punch Line/ Tag Line of  Products and Companies in General Knowledge question and almost in every Competitive exams you are asked these sort of question either to answer the Company name of the Tag Line or the Product name of the Punch line.  For every MBA Aspirant it is sort of mandatory to know about the maximum company details and on common the Product / Company name along with the sector which it work with the Tag Line associated with it.

The companies are usually generate/create these slogans using the help of Ad agency and becomes Famous Slogans. These business Taglines/ Advertising Lines make a huge Impact in marketing an product, for example I remember Sachin Tendulkar saying "Boost is the secret of My energy", this would leave the brand in my mind.
These are the Famous Advertising Slogans and Business Taglines of the companies, you would see and listen very often in the Advertisements and company releases. Here are the list of companies logo with the names.

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Here I posted almost all Famous Products / Organisation associated with Punch Line / Tag Line along with the logos of it for easy Remembrance. 

Category/Punch Line / Tag Line
Aditya Birla GroupDiversifiedTaking India to the World
Aaj Tak
TV News Channel
Sabse Tej
ABN AMRO BankBankingLook Beyond
AccentureConsultingHigh Performance. Delivered.
AcerComputer HardwareEmpowering People
AdobeSoftwareSimplicity at work. Better by adobe.
Air DeccanLow-Cost AirlineSimplifly!
Air FranceAirlineMaking the sky the best place on earth

AirtelTelecommunicationExpress Yourself
AmwayFMCGWe are Listening
Andhra PradeshTourismThe Kohinoor of India
AppleSoftware /Hardware
Apollo TyresTypre-MakerUnstoppable
Ashok LeylandAutomakerEngineering your tomorrow
Asian Development BankDevelopment BankingFighting Poverty in Asia and the Pacific
AT & T
TelecommunicationYour World, Delivered
AUDIAutomotiveVorsprung Durch Technik(Progress through Technology)
Aviva IndiaLife InsuranceKal Par Control

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  1. superb work... thank you for sharing this extensive information :)

  2. We are looking for a TAG LINE for our a new company selling a range of HARDWARE Products in India. These are handles, door closers etc. We want to give the feel of a Trustworthy, Solid, High Quality, International product line.


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