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10 Worst Economies

All the countries on this list have at least one trait in common:
The governments of respective countries discourage private investment and economic growth through some Individual discretion. These governments are finding very difficult to generate hard currency for paying off the debt and also discourages citizens from investing in education to improve their own economic lot.

These are the Worst Economies/ Worst Disaster Economies with Worst Inflation and other Factors.

GDP Per Capita Income of Zimbabwe: $375
Zimbabwe, always toped the Inflation rate at the highest level, in fact crossed more than 5 digits in number. The country is rated as one of the Worst Economies one could ever face it. One no need to get shocked to hear the price of loaf of bread soared from 200,000 Zimbabwean dollars to 1.6 trillion in the Last year. It relies on the Foreign Aid to feed it people.

Only question arises is Why does the Zimbabwe Inflation has gone such High?
Answer is simple, whenever the government want to make development or in need of money, what they simply did was Printing of Money. They never the concept of rotating the money circulated among the people.
An More than Excess printing has soared the Inflation rate and got into this situation.

Democratic Republic of Congo
GDP Per Capita Income of Congo: $172
The Inflation has rosed more than 50% last year. The Strength of Democratic Republic of Congo is Commodities, but due to the huge support in the way of Credit to the bank given by the Central Bank, the country is an deficit of $13trillion in External Debt. Which amount equal to the 1/4th of the Revenue earned by the government and its 1.5 times the exports it has. There is a Huge need of malnutrition and to construct and repair its Infrastructure for bagging a Mining deal, to reduced the huge Account deficit they current hold.

GDP Per Capita Income of Guinea : $414
The huge problem with the country Guinea is that there is an huge government intervention in the Private Business, which has slowed down the Investment by the Foreign and Domestic companies in Exploration, adding to it the price level decrease had a huge impact.
Guinea, has the Huge Bauxite reserves amounting to more than 30% of worlds reserve. But need of an proper Infrastructure, Stable Government and No Intervention by government could bring it back in Success Mode.

Sierra Leone
GDP Per Capita Income of Sierra Leone: $310

Country has an huge reserve of diamonds, titanium and other commodities, but due to huge Corruption the export are very low and the country is struggling in the deficit of 9%.

GDP Per Capita Income of Nicaragua: $971
Due to the highly Discouragement of Foreign Investment, the country is facing an massive crisis of Blackouts, Water Shortage and the High cost of the energy to use, which the Poor can not afford.

GDP Per Capita Income of Burundi:  $163
The country is such a deficit that, it need close to $6 Billion to invest in the fields of Telecommunication, Transportation, and Energy for the next Two decades to raise the standards of the Economy.  It is said to be spending 12% of its Gross Domestic Product on its employee and finding hard for Income.  Current year the country has an trade deficit of more than $200million even after a $44million exports of coffee.

GDP Per Capita Income of Eritrea: $363
Meddling of Ruling parties Front for Democracy and Justice is not helping in any way to even build its economy. Need of Domestic and Foreign Investment.

GDP Per Capita Income of Liberia: $234
Liberia has an 85% unemployment, huge amongst any country in the world.  There is an War debt of more the $3.4 Billion. Recently, Arcelor Mittal has agreed to Ship the Iron ore, which is expected in the year 2011.

GDP Per Capita Income of Ghana: $671 with 16% Inflation rate.
Ghana, has an very necessary Infrastructure and resources, but there is only a need of Functioning economy to put the things at the right time and place for active results. Ghana, has the worlds biggest manmade lake, 1-gigawatt hydroelectric plant and more of Offshore Oil reserves.

To reduced the Budget Deficit, the government should lease out to Private companies the State owned Enterprises and can use the money earned in stabilizing its finances.

GDP Per Capita Income of Madagascar: $412.
With No proper Aid from the U.S. and very low Exports leaded to the Trade Imbalance and rosed the Current year deficit to 17%.


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