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Basic Economic Terms list with explanation. Alphabets - D

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What is Dated Security?

Refers to any security, like a bond, which has a stated redemption date. Such securities are conventionally divided into short-dated, medium-dated and long-dated securities depending on the length of time which has to elapse before they ?mature?.

What is Dead Horse?
Work which is paid for but is yet to be completed; a situation in which goods and services have been paid for in advance of production or performance.

What is Dear Money?
A period when rates of interest are high, so that borrowing is expensive.

What is Debt?
Refers to a sum of money, or quantity of goods or services, owned by one individual or body to another.

What is Decision Making?
The process of identifying and selecting a course of action to solve a specific problem.

What is Deed?
A deed is a legal document or written agreement. There are different types of deeds viz, deed of assignment, deed of partnership etc.,

What is Deficit?
Situation where outgoings exceed income on an ongoing basis, or where liabilities exceed assets at a specific point in time.

What is Deficit Financing?
Situation where expenditure exceeds income such that a deficit is deliberately operated.

What is Deflation?
Means a situation, in which prices and money incomes have been falling, accompanied by an increase in the value of the monetary unit.

What is Del Credere Agent?
An agent who, in return for a higher rate of commission, guarantees that his principal will receive payment for the goods he has sold on his behalf.

What is Delegation?
The act of assigning formal authority and responsibility for completion of specific activities to a subordinate.

What is Delegation of Authority?
Authority is said to be delegated when a superior entrusts a part of his rights to his subordinate. In other words, to delegate means to extend authority to a subordinate in certain defined areas and to make him responsible for results.

What is Demand?
By demand is meant the quantity of a commodity that will be bought at a particular price and not merely the desire for a thing. Generally at a high price,less will be bought than at a low price.

What is Demand Draft?
A Demand Draft is a Bill of Exchange and negotiable instrument.

What is Demand Price?
Refers to the price which buyers are prepared to pay for a given quantity of goods or service.

What is Departmentation?
Departmentation may be defined as the process of grouping individual jobs into departments. It is a means of dividing one large and complex organisation into smaller and flexible administrative units.

What is Departmentalization?
Division of a company into departments that are similar and logically connected.

What is Depression?
Means prolonged and severe slowing-down of economic activity exemplified by mass unemployment and a level of national income well below its potential level. It is more severe and long-lasting than a recession.

What is Derived Demand?
Refers to the demand for a commodity not needed for its own sake, but its contribution to the manufacture of another commodity.

What is Devaluation?
Refers to a fall in the external value (or exchange rate) of one currency vis-?-vis other currency.

What is Directing?
Directing is the managerial function of guiding, supervising, motivating, and leading people towards the attainment of planned targets of performance. It is the executive of management because it is concerned with the execution of plans and policies.

What is Direct Tax?
A tax levied directly on individuals or firms. These taxes are not transferable. Some examples are income tax & capital gains tax.

What is Discount?
1. An inducement offered by a creditor to debtors to pay promptly. (Cash Discount).
2. A deduction from the catalogue price of an article generally allowed by a wholesaler to a retailer, that is, trade discount.
3. With reference to a bill of exchange, to discount a bill means to acquire it by purchase for a sum less than its face value, the amount of this discount depending partly on the length of the unexpired term of the bill and partly on the amount of risk involved.
4. When a recently issued stock falls below its issue price it is said to stand at a discount.

What is Dishonour?
A Bill of Exchange is dishonoured when the drawee has insufficient funds to discharge it when it falls due for payment. Similarly, a cheque is dishonoured when the drawee has insufficient funds to meet it.

What is Disinflation?
A mild form of deflation. A policy adopted to check inflation by restricting demand.

What is Dissaving?
A situation where consumption expenditure exceeds current income. In such a case, consumption is financed through borrowing in anticipation of future income.

What is Dividend?
In the case of limited companies, the rate of dividend is the amount of distributed profit as a percentage of the nominal value of the share capital to which it relates. Dividends are usually declared annually but many companies pay something on account as an interim dividend.

What is Dividend Warrant?
A draft issued by a limited company and made payable to a shareholder for the amount of dividend due to him for a stated period.

What is Division of Labour?
The breakdown of a complex task into components so that individuals are responsible for a limited set of activities instead of the task in total. Sometimes referred to as division of work.

What is Dock Warrant?
A receipt for goods stored in a warehouse; it entitles the holder to take possession of the goods.

What is Dumping?
Means the sale of a good in a foreign market at a price below its marginal cost.

What is Duopoly?
A form of imperfect competition where there are only two producers of a commodity. Such a situation can be given to cut-throat competition of a particularly irrelevant type, and to prevent both parties being ruined by it, they may agree to share the market, perhaps on a territorial basis, eachagreeing not to compete against the other in its share of the market.

What is Duopsony?
Refers to a market situation in which there are only two buyers of a particular goods/service.


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