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Punch Line/ Tag Line Associated with Products / Companies - I

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Punch Lines / Tag Lines of the Company/ Products/ Organisation starting with Letter "B"
Logo Company/
Category Punch Line / Tag Line
 IBM IT CompanyOn demand Business/ What makes you special
 IBM Thinkpad 'I think, therefore IBM' 
 IBPPetrolPure Bhi, Poora bhi.
 ICICI BankBanking ServicesSafer. Simpler. Smarter.
 ICICI Prudential Life InsuranceLife InsuranceWe cover you. At every step of life.
 ICICI Prudential Mutual fundMutual FundMaking you money work as hard as you do.
 IDBI BankBankingNoy just for the Big Boys
 Idea CellularTelecomAn Idea can change your life.
 Iffco-Tokio General InsuranceGeneral InsuranceThe life you Deserve
 India TodayMediaMaking sense of India
 Indian Oil CorpEnergyIndian Inspired/ Bringing Energy to Life
 Infosys TechnologiesITPowered by Intellect. Driven by Values
Intel Hardware Products Intel Inside. 
ITCDiversifiedEnduring Value
 ITC Kitchens of IndiaFoodA feast for the senses
ITC Wills ClassicCigaretteDiscover a passion
ITC Wills Insignia CigaretteWhere quality touches infinity.

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