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Letter sending Notice of Dress Code.

This letter targets employee of the company directing to follow the dress code at workplace, this can be used as sample letter even for the college personal to send it to students.

To All Employees,

In recent weeks we have noticed a lack of attention to company guidelines regarding appropriate attire among employees.
     I want to remind you that the employee handbook includes details of what we consider appropriate attire for those working on the sales floor, in the executive offices, and in the warehouse.
     We do not mean to restrict anyone's freedom of expression, but it is our belief that sales professionals and support personnel should always be dressed in a professional way.  Our customers have come to rely on our store as a cut above the discount retailers in quality of merchandise and level of service, and we intend to keep to that model.

    Among articles of clothing not performed are T-shirts, Shorts, Jeans, and clothing with political, commercial or suggestive phrases.   Workers in the warehouse and delivery departments have additional requirements regarding uniforms and safety shoes.

   Please consult the manual or check with us in the human resources office if you have any questions about the dress code.  Employees who are improperly attired can be sent home for the day, and repeated violation of the code can lead to termination.

Your Name, Designation. (Name, Personnel Manager)


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