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HR to employee after receiving Resignation Letter.

This sample letter should help the employer/ the HR of the company to send to the employee who has served a resignation letter for various reason. Basically this letter is to convince the employee to stay back in the company.

Dear (employee name),

                 I was sorry to receive you letter of resignation from the position of (position name) in our (name of department).
       Before I accept it, I would like to see if there is some way we can address your concerns and persuade you to stay.
       As your supervisor/manager/head, I feel that you have performed quite well in your brief time with the company; your departure would be a big loss to us all.
     In your letter you make reference to personal conflicts you have had with some of the other in our department.  With your permission, I would like to ask the human resource department to become involved and to look for a way to improve the working environment.
     Please advice me by the end of the day whether you would like to explore this opportunity.  I hope you will allow us to try to keep a valued employee.

Your Name, Designation.


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