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Top 5 Trending Websites in 2012

There are hundreds of website created daily offering a wide variety of service, but how many of them are having a promising future is the real question? Listed down the top 5 websites which are offering some different products and services and growing very rapidly and expected to become very popular website in 2012. If you know what Dropbox is, then you’ll have no trouble understanding what Druva is.  Just like Dropbox created online file sharing and syncing that ‘just works’, Druva does that to backing up corporate laptops.  Its products perform some nifty data reduplication behind the scenes within a company to ensure that only one copy of every file is backed up, regardless of how many different laptops it resides in.  By doing this, it claims to save over 90% of unnecessary bandwidth and storage use.  The 4-year-old company already has over 750 customer across the world and is growing rapidly.

This 2 year old business acts as a purely b2b online exchange for used vehicles.  Businesses use the site to auction their used, inspected and certified vehicles to hundreds of dealers and buyers instead of just a handful they were used to earlier.  Started by Vinay Sanghi, the erstwhile head of Mahindra First Choice, India’s largest used car dealer, Motorexchange aims to nearly double its sales to 1lakh cars per year in 2012.

While everybody talks about Flipkart or Amazon, 2 yr old letsbuy has been doing rip-roaring business.. By focusing on the high value(low margin) electronics category, letsbuy has quietly emerged as one of the top three e-commerce players in the country currently based on revenue.  2012 will see It launching its own delivery team, increasing focus on higher value white goods and on becoming the go-to place for gadgets and stuff.

Arguably the most comprehensive listing of restaurants across India today, zomato claims to cover nearly 20K restaurants across 10 cities currently.  It not only offers reviews but also menu listings, and shortly, the ability to book tables and meals directly without human intervention.  It claims to have around 1.5 million monthly visitors to its website over 2lakh users of its various mobile apps.  2012 will see it expanding into events and ticketing as well.

One of the best sings that ecommerce is here to stays in India, zovi retails its own range of apparel and accessories purely through its own website.  It has no third party brands and no physical stores.  The savings it makes from being purely online van then be passed on to consumers, while sourcing its own products allow it to respond to consumer trends and preference faster.  Zovi already claims to be doing 700-800 orders per day.


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