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Should I Ask Questions in Interview? Why? What?

Almost every Interview has a very common question asking, "DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?"

Some candidates think that when this question is asked, the interview is about to wrap up. You may be wrong, the question really signals the start of the main course, earlier question can turn to be just a starter/appetizer.  Every Interviewer would like the Job seeker to ask few intelligent questions, and if you don't ask questions, you leave these impressions:
  • You think the job is unimportant.
  • You are uncomfortable asserting yourself.
  • You are not intelligent.
  • You are easily intimidated.
  • You are boring.
The very common question arises, Why Should I ask question in an Interview? or What questions should I ask in a Interview?
Remember, you have to stand out of the herd, who are almost very much similar with talent. "Do Something Different."  Asking just the right questions is your chance to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job by communicating the different impressions.

Interest: You have taken the trouble to investigate the job.
Intelligence: You really understand the requirements of the job.
Confidence: You have everything it takes to do the job.
Personal appeal: You are the type of person who will fit in well.
Assertiveness: You ask for the job.

Always remember, "The question you ask, and how you ask them, do as much to differentiate you from the competition." 
* Browse this blog and find different question you can ask in an interview to stand out.


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