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Top 5 Most Over-Hyped Flopped in 2011.

There are many instances where things are claimed to be BEST, but turned to be WORSE than imagined. Here are Top 5 list of products which the company/seller claimed to revolutionize the world with their product but turned to be dud. 

Starting the list with,
This was expected to give the sliding fortunes of RIM a fillip.  Instead, it sold far fewer that apple I-pad because it needed to be paired with a blackberry to access most features.  So, If you don’t have a BB, which most people don’t own one, because already have an iphone or android, then your playbook is just a browsing device.  And it had a few thousand apps when the ipad more than a lakh.

When maruti gave out full page ads before the launch of this car, it seemed to be the next blockbuster in waiting.  It was in march, and went downhill from there.  The debacle was perhaps a sign of worse times ahead. Soon its manesar plant was crippled by union strikes. kizashi is now clocking the lowest sales, it at all, in its category.

A Real-Time Social Picture Sharing Service Application, with an investment of $41million poured, hardly anybody used it.


The movie was supposed to make millions, ultimately dint worked out.
With 30million users and counting, it must be doing well.  Not so, when compared with facebook’s 800 million.  Google+ was built to take on Facebook, but its growth seems to have slowed.  For that reason, it’s a flop because it was so over hyped.  But there is still hope yet. 


  1. Really got egg on your face(book) now that google plus has 30% of the users facebook has and it is less than a year old how old is facebook???


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