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I Shouldn't Have Been Said That!

There are lots of controversy issue raises now and then, because of harsh and sometime derogatory statements passed by the celebrities hurting someone sentiments/emotions.  Here are few statements made by the people(in 2011) and came into limelight because of wrong reason, which they shouldn't have made. Check out few statements,

 Statement made:

Anna Hazare: Ek hi maara? (Just One Slap)

In Reference to: asked his opinion on Harvinder Singh(Delhi youth) slapping Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar.

Rahul Gandhi: How long will you continue to beg for your livelihood in Maharastra or Punjab.


Fresh president Nicholas Sarkozy: I cannot bear Netanyahu. He is a Liar.


Shirish Kunder tweeted: The super hero in Ra.1 has all the powers in the world, but to entertain.  I just heard a Rs.150 crore firework fizzle.


Gulam Nabi Azaad: Homosexuality is unnatural and not good for India.. I disease which has come from other countries.


Poonam Pandey: The Model claimed to strip naked if that helped Team India win the Cricket World Cup.


Chetan Bhagat: "It is ironic when someone who runs a body shopping company and calls it hi-tech makes sweeping comments on the quality of IIT students."

Refernce: When Narayana Murthy said : "Quality of students deteriorating at IITs "


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