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Sample Resignation Letter because of Spouse Transfer.

A sample letter serving s resignation letter because of your spouse(wife/husband's) transfer as reason.

To: Manager Name, Position.
Company Name.

Dear sir/name,
                      It is with regret that I submit my resignation as sales assistant for the "Present Company Name".  It has been a privilege to work for the company for the past "No. of years".

On a personal level, I will also greatly miss the chance to work for you; you are a fine manager and I feel that I have learned very much here.
      After putting my wife/husband through several moves because of my career, this time it's her/his turn.  (Name of your spouse) has accepted a (New position name) position at (Company name, City name), and we will be moving next month.
   I thank you for your offer to provide references and to refer me to (your job name: eg., sales jobs) in (new city you are shifting).

Thank you again.

Your Name.


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