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Go for A Unique New Year Plan !!

Are you still thinking what to do this year end? Don't want to go for a same routing plans and looking for a new and unique plans to do this year end and next year beginning? Well, plan your eve according to your tastes and preferences and make the best of it, enjoy to the core.
Here are few plans will help you to figure out what to do on 31st December Night or on 1st January (New Year).

Usually you can
Book tickets for a DJ party and Booze up!
Hit the Road on your Bikes and Roam, Roam and Roam till you exhaust!
Cut a Cake In front of a Police Station and feed them too!

Apart from it, one can do some simple things like by Staying at Home: Oh yeah! I said that. Stay at home, and you can do lot of things which can make you enjoy too.

The best option is, if you want to spend time with friends, call on all friends, arrange yourself on terrace for
1) Good Movie + Pizza + Coke + Friends.

2) Read a Book: Get a interesting book the day before and read the book whole night. I prefer to read some motivating novels which drive me all long the year. (It hardly takes 2 hours to complete the book, I recommend you to read: Who Moved My Cheese)

3) Read your Personal Diary:  Do you have an habit of writing diary? Hit the book, and read what all have you done this year, and keep laughing.  Accept you mistakes, and don't repeat in coming year. If you don't have habit of writing diary, just take a piece of paper and list down 10 major things and goof ups you did this year. and Get a New Diary for the Coming Year 2012.

4) Spend Time Online: Anyhow, now a days we live a Virtual Life rather the Real World.  So continue with your FaceBook wishing all and treating with virtual chocolates etc, and keep chatting whole night sharing your experiences with your Near and Dear one's. And please do check your Orkut and MySpace accounts, whether they are still alive or not!

Well , Want to Spend Time Out, this should help?
5) My Friend's favorite one: Going to Church. Go to Church and sort your up's and down's, which can help you in clear the things for 2012 and lead a awesome year ahead.  Get Peace of Mind.

6) Find a Restaurant: Do you want to spend Quality time with Friends/ Family? Come on, treat them! You are working all long the year without much needed breaks, take your family out. Find a Good Restaurant according to your taste and have a Tasty Food.

7) Go to Orphanage Homes: Search for a nearby orphanage/ old age home and spend some time with them.  You would have the best feeling all long the year. I personally recommend this.

Still No plans as of now, Hit The Bed - SLEEP.


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