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25 Best Questions for Head Hunters, Recruiters and Staffing Agency.

Ask a Good Question in an Interview, that should be different which will depends on,who is recruiting you?Here are the set of best interview questions  one can ask Headhunters, Recruiters or and Staffing personal.

These questions can't be asked with Hiring Manager and Human Resource(HR) Manager, limit yourself with headhunters.
  • How did you find me?
  • Is this a retainer or contingency assignment?
  • Are you dealing with the client's HR people, or do you have direct contact with the hiring manager?
  • How long has the client been with you?
  • How many candidates have you personally placed with this client?
  • Tell me about your career choice. How did you get into recruiting?
  • When will I find out the name of the client company?
  • May I have a written job description?
  • Where is the position located?
  • Where is the company headquartered?
  • To whom does the position report?
  • Can you tell me about this executive's management style?
  • Why is the position open?
  • What happened to the person who previously held this position? 
  • Is this a new position?
  • How long has the position been open?
  • How long have you been working on the assignment?
  • What does the position pay?
  • Are there any pay or compensation constraints that I should take into consideration?
  • What can you tell me about the person who will be interviewing me?
  • What is his or her position, title, management style?
  • Who will make the final hiring decision?
  • After you present my resume, when can I expect to hear from you regarding the status of this position?
  • Can you describe, specifically, how the company navigates/balances work-personal life issues?
  • What might I do that would violate the culture of the company during my interview?
Bad/Wrong Question:
These below questions were actually asked to the recruiters in real.
  • Can I switch jobs with the hiring managers?
  • Does the company provide snacks?
  • Will they fire me for not wearing any underwear? My last boss was very upset when he found out, and I want to get the issue out of the way early. (asked to Susan Trainer, Senior Information Systems Recruiter)
  • I need to leave the interview for a minute. Do you have a match?
  • What would you do if the coffeepot were empty?


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