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Top 3 Careers that People with an MBA Should Consider

Written by Mary Madsen— writer for Bellevue University providing degrees in healthcare management to getting your MBA. Visit for more information.
An MBA degree provides a huge range of career options for people to consider. There are obviously lots of things involved in determining why people with MBA's choose the various careers they do. Three of the more popular and highest paying occupations that an MBA helps to qualify a person for are listed below:

1. Engineering Managers

Many people with MBA's go on to get an advanced technical degree as well. This qualifies them to apply for some of the highest paying MBA jobs. A great example of this would be engineering managers that direct engineering and architecture departments.

Overseeing technical development

Engineering managers lead their teams from product creation to completion. They are responsible for overseeing the technical development of products and related services while keeping a support team organized, sustained, and in sync with the team productions goals and corporate strategy.

Bridging the technical and corporate worlds

Engineering managers often oversee R&D, manufacturing, product development and design, and many other things. Engineering managers need a well rounded educational base because they usually need to bridge two worlds, the technical world with that of the corporate world. They need to be able to understand and speak the language of the highly technical world and yet understand, relate to and communicate with corporate planners and leaders.

2.Marketing Managers

Marketing managers do lots of things and have lots of responsibilities depending on the nature and size of the company. Most are responsible for their firm’s marketing strategy. This involves identifying the appropriate markets and creating demand for the products and services offered by the company.

Pricing strategies and new products

Often times they take an active role in identifying the right pricing strategies and finding new markets to penetrate. They also help in the development of new products. A good marketing manager has a complete understanding of the target markets and what motivates the consumer base that is in them.

Many types of marketing managers

Large companies frequently have different types of marketing managers:
·         Product Marketing Managers
·         Business Marketing managers
·         Branding Managers
·         Relationship Marketing Managers
·         Social Marketing Managers

3. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

Chief executive officers rank as the highest paying MBA jobs. CEOs are in charge of the overall company strategy, they oversee all the employees and they make all major business decisions. They are ultimately responsible for the company’s performance.

The pressure of being responsible for performance and profitability

The CEO reports to the board of directors. Since the CEO is responsible for all employees and for the performance and profitability of the company, they are usually under constant pressure. A good CEO handles pressure well, has excellent communications skills and has expertise in the industry the company is in as well as a broad understanding of business principles.

Great personal and financial rewards

When CEOs don't perform as desired within a predetermined time frame, their tenure may be abruptly ended and another candidate is brought in who can deliver the desired objectives of the board of directors. Nevertheless, a good CEO who gets the job done can reap great personal and financial rewards.
If you are getting an MBA, those are three of the occupations that should be considered. Obviously, your personal aptitude, interests and real life experience need to be taken into consideration. It is more important to find an occupation that is a good fit than one that seems to be lucrative and desirable. 


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