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A Simple Answer for Tell Me About Yourself?

Irrespective of any interview, the very first question is Say About Yourself? To tell something about yourself is that really a big deal, Yes it is.  If it is really simple, interviewers would have gone for next common question to start the conversation, which they didn't so far.

My Simple Interview mantra #1 to score: "Tell only those things, what an interviewer want to listen from you".

I would like to share a "day of my campus interview experience". I suggest you to always do some basic ground work on the profile, company, possibly the interviewer (if you know anything) or the kind of process they do if you have time and interest. If not just be active and be SMART! (I often hear from HR professional and other counterpart that in this present competitive market situation the fresher or even experienced candidate required spoon feeding, and zeal to learn is very low). Now scoring a point is simple, as you know what is the requirement and what exactly you have to project).

Well the profile which I have applied requires someone with very good writing, reading, and communication skills along with basic fundamental subject knowledge, which more or less every profile demand.

Just before an hour of interview I did few tweaks:

  1. Added few notes and appointments in my mobile scheduler.
  2. Made sure I have written all my strengths in the negative or weakness section of the interview form and there are many weakness over strength with a purpose.
  3. Ensured that my resume is Short and Simple and doesn't have anything which I'm going to answer the 'Tell me about yourself question' and highlighted those words which will prompt the interviewer to know about it.
  4. And of course a real cum fabricated story to support my strengths. ( remember if the number of weaknesses mentioned are more than strengths its very oblivious that the emphasis on the weakness, and you know that those are your strengths in fact and you have a supporting story/idea on it).
  5. If you are experienced. ( You have already scored a point, all required is to do is, prove your experience).

My Simple answer for TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF was, My name is XXX. I'm a permanent resident of XYZ City and did all my schooling in XYZ City. I'm learned basics of Commerce from my Intermediate education and pursued the same in graduation and later in my master's education and I performed fairly in grades too.  Post my graduation I got an opportunity to work for one of the leading MNC as an "ABC role", which has given me a great platform to know about the working culture and different dynamics of the work. Later I relieved from the company and pursued my masters and now I'm here in find of another opportunity which I am very comfortable .

Why I projected in such way?

  •  " permanent resident" - because the profile requires someone for local  and doesn't give priority for relocation as it is immediate joining position.
  • Emphasis on Commerce: Its requires purely someone from commerce background through out the career with better grades.
  • Job description said, "Experience is plus".
  • I had an irrelevant experience, so my emphasis was on ready to adopt the new dynamics and culture of work.
  • and finally "I am very comfortable"; driving the next question, Comfortable? How? The profile required someone very good in Writing, Reading and Communication, which you say that its your weakness?

Now this question was prompted by me and I have got the answer for it too.

I mentioned it in my weakness because I started learning and I'm working on it and still in short for proficiency yet. The question raises is, its your Weakness and you are aiming for being Proficient? What are you dong to overcome?
Yes, I have started writing articles as a freelancer and newsletter for college articles and started blogging recently too. (Point scored, Blogging!! what is that all about)

 Interview mantra #2: "Take the interview discussion the way you want to take it".

Weakness #2: Poor at Scheduling / Procrastinating / Postponing.
Here comes those notes/appointment loaded in mobile as response how you are overcoming it.

After few more such goals, finally comes WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU?

Simple, I'm can very confidently say that I take this role as an challenge which is in line with both my personal and professional goals. With my  little proven records and the capabilities I hold I seamlessly perform and meet the requirements and will try to give a value addition to the business.

This is just one of my experiences, which may or may not go in line with your world of facing interview.  If you can post your questions or any difficulties you are facing, we may help out on very customized answers.


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