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Five (5) Best Advertisements of 2013

Out of all ads aired, I picked up The Five 5 Best Advertisements of 2013. Though most of the ads are targeted to different audience for different purpose. I choose the list based on three criteria, content, clarity, and whether the message has been passed through the advertisement.

I don't want to rate it top 5 this time, so just posting the five best advertisements of 2013.

Airtel Ad
Itti si khushi itti si hasi.

The content is simple, the song selection from movie Barfi, suits the plot. And most importantly touches the right nerve of the people clicking soft corner of human where every on could relate to it. It also throws a positive side where a impaired girl, can communicate as simple and effective as a normal person do.  And at the same time, the purpose of the ad is to promote the product of Rs.1 a song/day.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Bande Ache Hai ICICI Bank
Per Bande Ache Hai.

This advertisement targets the light and sensitive side of male member of the family, who are said to be good at heart and do protect there loved ones in some or other way on daily basis. Its a beautiful directed and content ad, where it could reach to the male audience instantly and connect to it. After a series of things what a family male member do, which are more often not appreciated or ignored are seen in this ad. Ending the advertisement with the Insurance product, can give a sense of feeling to protect and insure there family.

Google Inc.
Google Search: Reunion

For the very first time, Google has aired a new of its kind advertisement highlighting how partition has divided countries, but still friendships find a way. A story of friendship, separation due to partition (India and Pakistan) and reunion is been marvelously executed and presented with very few characters and with a strong emotional content. The highlight of the advertisement is the Back Ground Score (BGM) and a negligible negative is the length of the ad.

Made for first Love

Vodafone has the best advertisement agency/team (mostly Oligvy and Mather) from the past four years with new and creative ads coming up every IPL season right from ZooZoo Ads.
The First Love experience is the content made and targeted the Youth and they nailed it. 

Handling a sensitive subject is same as handling a knife. Its a usually affair to see jewelry for marriage cermony, but for a change Tanishq has targeted a net set of people, who never been identified before or dare to raise the word was Re-Marriage. Beautifully executed, with wonderful BGM ( picked for Ar Rahman's Rockstar soundtrack). 


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