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Basic Question on Chemical Engineering in Interview / GD's.

Basic question asked to Chemical engineers in the Job Interview or Group Discussion / Personal interview for and MBA admission.
  • What is Teflon?
  • What are the properties of Teflon?
  • Name some Chemical companies.
  • What are the mainstream products of DuPont?
  • What is Mass Transfer?
  • What is a hortonsphere?
  • How is NH3 stored?
  • Which is the most toxic gas?
  • What are fluid machines?
  • What are solid machines?
  • What are the differences between fluid machine and solid machines?
  • What is viscosity?
  • What is surface tension?
  • Why does a liquid flow freely?
  • What are CFCs?
  • What is Osmosis?
  • What is Osmotic pressure?
  • What is term diffusion?
  • What is a chemical bomb?
  • As a chemical engineer, state the difference between nuclear warfare and biological warfare?
  • What is a polymer?
  • What is a synthetic polymer?
  • Name some synthetic fibres.
  • What is electrolysis?
  • What is PET?
  • What is an elastomer?
  • Name some specialty chemicals.
  • What is heat transfer?
  • What is thermodynamics?
  • What do you know about food processing technology?
  • What is nanotechnology?
  • Who first spoke about nanotechnology?
  • Who coined the term 'nanotechnology'?
  • How is steel manufactured?
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