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Basic Question on Civil Engineering Subject in Interview / GD's.

Civil Engineering

  • What kind of foundations do you use for flyovers?
  • For a construction which of the following is preferred - a pre-cast pile or a cast-in-situ pile?
  • What is pre-stressed concrete?
  • What are the ingredients of pre-stressed concrete?
  • What does 53 stand for in 53-grade cement?
  • What type of foundation would you prefer for a multistoried building? Support your answer with reasons.
  • What are machine foundations?
  • How does machine foundations differ in construction from an ordinary foundation?
  • What are the requirements of an ideal machine foundation?
  • What are the advantages of pre-cast piles?
  • What are the loads to be considered for the design of bridges?
  • What type of foundation would be adopted in marshy soils?
  • Explain well foundations?
  • Draw the cross section of rail.
  • Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams for different loading on beams.
  • What do you mean by batching?
  • Where does the maximum bending moment act in the case of bridge?
  • How can the supports be provided in bridges (with reason)?
  • What is the life of a pavement?
  • According to you what is the reason for the collapse of the Kadalundi bridge? What is solution to this problem?
  • What are the characteristics of the soil that are to be determined to decide upon the kind of foundation?
  • How do you determine the strength of a soil mass?
  • What are the different types of foundations adopted for different soils?
  • Given the plan and elevation, draw the isometric view.
  • Suppose you want to construct a bridge in Kochi, which foundation would you adopt?
  • What is a theodolite? How is it used?
  • How is the theodolite levelled?
  • Define Civil Engineering?
  • Draw the stress-strain curve of mild steel?
  • What is the difference between bitumen and tar?
  • Which is commonly used - tar or bitumen? Why?
  • What is hydraulic jump?
  • What is Reynolds's number?
  • What is cutback bitumen?
  • Define angularity number and give its practical applications.
  • Define duty and delta.
  • What does 20 stand for in M20-mix concrete?
  • Differentiate between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning.
  • What is the role of a plate girder in a railway bridge?
  • What is camber?
  • What is differential settlement?
  • What is total energy line?
  • What is piping failure?
  • What is the difference between hollow bricks and ordinary bricks?
  • How many express ways are there in India?
  • Name the different types of retaining wall.
  • Which is better - Tiled roof or Terraced roof?
  • What is leap-frog trigonometric levelling?
  • What are the dimensions of a standard brick?
  • Differentiate between English bond and Flemish bond.
  • What are AADT, AASHO and ASCE?
  • What does IRC stand for?
  • Which instrument is used for measuring unevenness in a road?
  • Give the standard lengths of chains used for surveying.
  • What is a benchmark? What are the different types of benchmarks?
  • Expand PERT? How is it different from CPM and GANTT?
  • What are the common earth-moving equipment?
  • How is under-water concreting carried out?
  • What is N-value?
  • Differentiate between BOD and COD.
  • On what basis are the foundations classified as shallow and deep?


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