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BioTechnology Basic Interview questions

  • What is biotechnology?
  • Give examples of application of biotech for welfare of mankind.
  • What is cloning?
  • Is cloning ethical?
  • Name some cloned animals.
  • What is a stem cell?
  • What are the applications of stem cell technology?
  • Can you name an Indian corporate group that is into stem cell research?
  • Why does a cell multiply?
  • What are bacteria?
  • What are fungi?
  • What is the difference between fungi and bacteria?
  • What is a virus?
  • Why is virus non-living?
  • What is the difference between bacteria and virus?
  • What are the major biotech companies in India?
  • What is the use of biotech in agriculture and dairy industries?
  • What is a protein?
  • Is nucleic acid a protein?
  • What is a gene?
  • Who coined the term 'gene'?
  • What is gene amplification?
  • What is gene bank?
  • What is gene pool?
  • What is DNA?
  • What is DNA made of?
  • What are the four nitrogenous bases in DNA?
  • What is RNA?
  • How does DNA duplicate itself?
  • What is a DNA chip?
  • What is terminator gene technology?
  • What is a chromosome?
  • What do you know about the Human Genome Project?
  • What are the applications of Human Genome in pharmaceuticals?
  • What is genetic engineering?
  • What is hybridisation?
  • What is the difference between genetic engineering and hybridisation?
  • What are amino acids?
  • What is the difference between physical chemistry and organic chemistry?
  • Name some inheritance diseases.
  • Is haemophilia an inheritance disease?
  • What is the contribution of Watson and Crick?
  • What is mitosis?
  • What is meiosis?


  1. in terms of biotechnology, I need more information about cells


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