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Steps to Avoid Unethical Decision Making?

Steps to avoid Unethical Decision Making?
·      A study says that persons with high Self-efficacy tend to more open towards Ethical choices. They need to be more encouraged.
·      As there is a chance of taking unethical decision because of lack of awareness, the organization should provide more moral awareness, through introducing Code of Ethicsconducting Seminars, conferences, and implementing Socialization by which leads to better implementation of ethical practices.
·      For avoidance of Violation of Code of Ethics,  different mechanisms should be implemented at different levels, where one has to report to the Ethic supervisor, where the information should be passed till the Top management. A proper structure, ethical policies, practices and Ethical behavior which are ought to be followed should be properly communicated and implemented.
·      Post-conventional or Principled people falls under one of the Cognitive factors, who can take ethical in decisions and behavior and can take decisions independently and acts as an Whistle blowers at any wrong or unethical things happening should be encouraged. Whistle blowing which is a moral behavior and directly related with Locus of control should be boosted up.
·      Appropriate staffing and value based selection should be done while recruiting and selection process, as the values of individual and organizational doesn’t coincide. More on, achievements or ambitious orientation plays an important variable in Ethical Decision making, as per the Bounded Ethical Model, Ambitious oriented Individuals are more focused on their goals and neglect ethical aspects while decision making, so there is a need for proper Selection of workforce.
·      There is a need of Ethical Orientation among the people who owns, manage, and work for it in carrying the business organization with Ethical Practices.  The owners and leaders of the organization should be concentrating on Organizational value more than High Profit or result oriented.  Influencing Peers into Ethical decision making found effective.



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