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Types of Group discussion?

Group discussion can be conducted mainly in 3 ways.
a) Topic Based
b) Case Based
c) Article Based.

In topic based discussions, you will be asked to discuss a knowledge based topic that may pertain to society, social trends, Politics, economics, legal, Information technology, sport or most importantly current events. Alternatively, one is said to discuss an abstract issue or an article published in newspaper.

Few Institutes for selection, ask the students to enact a role play and analyse the situations.

Evaluation Parameters of Group Discussion are.
i) Content
ii) Communication skills
iii) Group Behavior and
iv) Leadership skills.

Content refers to the quality of what you say. In a Group discussion, unless you know something about the topic, you will now be able to make a positive contribution to the topic or give direction to the efforts of the group.  The content that you use is the single most important factor that determines your success in a Group Discussion.

In communication, you are evaluated on how you say what you want to say. Communication does not refer to use of flowery language. Rather, it means conveying your ideas in such a manner so as to ensure that persons whom you are addressing, clearly understand what you are telling them.

The moderator expects you to make points logically and rationally as a mature adult.  Do no get carried aways by passion or don not be stubborn while trying to make a point in discussion.

You are not expected to physically lead a group by actions such as thumping the desk, shouting etc. Such actions should be avoided. Leadership, in the content of a Group Discussion, means showing direction to the group when it is running out of points to speak on or when it is straying from the given topic.


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