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Samsung Hybrid Management System?

Samsung, a well known International brand of  Korean origin, mainly into Consumer Electronics goods is the one which has managed to build a strong internal management system for its operations with an blend of Traditional Japanese system and Modern Western system.

It the recent past the strategies of the companies are being revamped and come with new latest management strategy.  Few of the strategies are,

Diversification Strategy:
In this competitive world one has to keep diversifying to mitigate the risk as the technology related market is very dynamic in nature. But Samsung built an focus strategy where the Diversification was made within the businesses.

Penetration Strategy:
Thanks to globalization, helped the company not to get dependent only in internal market, but to tap both internal and external capital markets. 

Innovation Strategy:
The Focus of Continuous improvement and applied Research and Development(R&D) but also on innovation, marketing and design and establish brand and premium pricing models are being applied with price competition being aware.

Supplier Relationship Strategy:
Long term relationship with suppliers are built and contingent relationships with them based on market pricing with a level of some competition.

Human Resources Strategy
Interweaving of internal workforce not limiting to internal labor market dependence which has resulted in long term relationship but also with external labor market attracting by the market competition.  Entry level recruitment are kept open every year with an limit and open recruitment system is followed by samsung for experience specialists.  The company has a co-existence of seniority based and merit based promotion and compensation as well as mostly standardized and individualized incentive system.


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