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Three Styles of Leadership

Command, Consensus, Collaborative leadership Styles
There are many types of leadership, but basically in can be classified into three different types.  In this present scenario Collaborative leadership is the capacity to engage people and groups outside one's formal control and that will inspire them to work toward common goals - despite differences in convictions, cultural values, and operating norms. Usually consensus based approached is more nuanced. Few distinctions between the three types of leadership styles.

Organisation StructureHierarchyMatrix or Small GroupDispersed, cross organisational network
Who has the relevant Information?Senior managementFormally designated members or representatives of the relevant geographies and disciplinesEmployees at all levels and locations and a variety of external stakeholders
Who has the authority to make final decisions?The people at the top of the organisation have clear authorityAll parties have equal authorityThe people leading collaborations have clear authority
What is the basis for Accountability and Control?Financial results against planMany performance indicators, by function or geographyPerformance on achieving shared goals
Where does it work best?Works well within a defined hierarchy; works poorly for complex organisations and when innovation is importantWorks in small teams; works poorly when speed is importantWorks well for diverse groups and cross-uni and cross-company work, and when innovation and creativity are critical


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