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Comparative Advertisements - Fight Between Two Brands

Fight against two brand is getting more common in India nowadays.  And the fight has resulted not just to improvise its own products, but also to degrade the competitors products and the medium the brands choose is Advertisement.

Few advertisement who compare with its competitors and create an advertisement war in the recent past.

Tide (Procter & Gamble) Vs Rin (Hindustan Unilever limited)

Thumps up Vs Pepsi

In response to the Akshay Kumar's Thumps Ad

Sprite Vs Mountain Dew

When Mountain Dew advertised itself, saying "do the dew", Sprite responded this way:

Sprite Vs Pepsi
Hey Youngistan/Hindustan meri jaan

In response Sprite Ad has spoofed Sharukh khan also: 

Times of India Vs Hindu

The Latest take up my Hindu to react to the TOI's advertisement stating, Hindu published boring ad which makes one sleep. A strong response from Hindu is also observed.


Few More:


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