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How to choose Internet Service Provider in India?

Are you looking out for a New Internet Connection and in confusion how to choose an ISP, what all parameters one has to consider to compare two different Internet Service Provider? 

Here is a brief solution for your problem.
I) Internet Service Provider provides three types of connection, 
i) Wireline through Pole,
ii) Underground Cabled,
iii) Wireless Connection.

What difference it makes is the connectivity up-time ie., not disconnected. Underground Cable has better connectivity than connection wired through Electricity pole. Wireless has the advantage, provided their is signal in the area you use.

II) Further, which choosing a internet connection make the company's internet plans fits your need and requirements. Providers offer two types of plans broadly
i) Limited Plan
ii) Unlimited Plan.

It varies in the data usage you surf. Data are of two types
a) Download
b) Upload

III) Type of connection ie., Shared or Dedicated.

Check List:

A) The hidden charges involved. Installation charges, Router charges (wireless router is charges high), Service Tax  and VAT(this is not shown on the tariff plan by most of the companies) 

B) Fair Usage Policy: This is the limitation of data exchange which is mandatory by TRAI rules, where your internet surfing speed decreases/falls down. So do check whats the FUP of the each ISP and choose the best.
Fair Usage policy limit of Airtel | Beam TelecomTikona | Sify | Tata Communication | Reliance Broadband

C) Cross check what download and upload speed will you receive post connection. Because usually (plan speed) divided by 8 should be the both d/l and u/l speed ie., for example 2mbps plan should receive (2*1024kbps)/8=256kbps speed.

D) Shared or Dedicated connection, in shared connection you speed varies based on the usage of other computers connected to same port/hub. Whereas in dedicated at any point of time your speed doesn't differs irrespective of any other PC usage because you get a single/individual port connection. 

E) Maintenance / Service: This is the most important factor one has to look upon, check how they resolve your issue if any. Few providers solve your query on phone, few through virtual software, and other on direct visit. Time taken to respond make huge difference.

F) Payment Mode: Companies like Airtel, Tata has its distribution center in most of the nearby localities, whereas few do not have. This will become a troublesome if you don't have an easy option to make the payment. Whereas few ISP visit home monthly for bill collection.


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