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What is the Need of Providing Depreciation?

The need for depreciation arises because of the following reasons:

Objects of Providing Depreciation:

a) To Calculate the True Profits:
Depreciation is an expense and becomes an important element of the cost of production. Though it is not visible like other expenses and never paid to the outside party yet it is desirable to charge depreciation on fixed assets as these are used for earning purposes; so their depreciation must be deducted out of the income earned from their use in order to calculate true profit net or loss.

b) To show true Financial Position:
Financial position can be studied from the balance sheet and for the preparation of balance sheet fixed assets are required to be shown at their true value.  If assets are shown in the balance sheet without any charge made for their use or depreciation, then their value must have been overstated in the balance sheet and will not reflect the true financial position of he business.  So, for the purpose of reflecting true financial position, it is necessary that depreciation must be deducted from the assets and then at such reduced value these may be shown in the balance sheet.

c) To make Provision for replacement of assets:
If depreciation is not provided, the profits of the concern will be overstated and can be distributed to the shareholders as dividend.  After the end of the working life of the asset, there will be no provision or funds at the disposal of the concern and hos to borrow for purchasing new assets.  Provision for depreciation is a charge to profits and loss account though depreciation is not paid.  The amount of depreciation accumulated during the working life of the asset provides additional working capital besides providing sum at the end of the working life of the asset for its replacement.

Other reasons are
d) To have some Incidental advantage
e) To have Tax advantage
f) To maintain the original monetary investment of the asset intact.

Internal Reasons:
i) Wear and Tear purpose
ii) Not using
iii) Lack of proper Maintainence
iv) Change in production formal
v) Restriction of production by government
vi) Reduction to demand of the product produced by the asset
vii) Technical progress
viii) Depletion

External Reasons:
i) Obsolescence
ii) Effluxion of Time

What is Depreciation? Reasons for Calculating Depreciation?


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