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Article Summary: Leadership – The 5 Big Ideas

Although there are a plethora of books on the subject of leadership, they revolve around the concepts and ideas mentioned below under the following headings.

1. Good leaders have good character
Character of a person can play a vital role in the making of a good leader. The followers want to listen to someone who has integrity of character, which means he should be trustworthy, truthful, genuine, sincere, responsible, committed and so on so forth. Moral values is on the top of the list.

2. There’s no best way to lead.
As the heading suggests, there is no one approach that makes a leader good at what he does. A leader must instinctively understand what his purpose his and how to achieve his target. However, it is possible that a leader may confuse his job with that of the manager and he must avoid that. The leader has got to keep the big picture in perspective rather than get into the details of task management that a manager can handle.

3. Leaders must collaborate
This is not the age where tyranny and despotism can exist. Followers like to know they are being heard and not just being ordered to follow a plan of action. So, a leader must keep in mind that he must also allow his followers or those under him to be able to openly discuss and suggest what they have in mind. If a leader can do this, without losing his authoritativeness, he can be quite successful.

4. Adaptability is the key to longevity
As the heading suggests, change is the name of the game. The leader has to keep up with the times. He cannot use the same strategies over and over again and expect to be a winner. Conditions change whether it is a business environment of an organization or a political party.

5. Leaders are self made
Is it possible to teach someone to be a leader? A person can join a leadership course but unless it’s in his blood, he will not be able to thrive too long in a leader’s position. Some old school philosophers argue that leaders cannot be made, they are born with the talent to lead. However, anybody can aspire to be a leader if he works hard. Like they say, practice makes a man perfect.

A few guidelines that should be followed by an organization while employing leaders in their firm:
·        He should be someone where people would like to follow and listen to.
·        The organization should train the prospective leader so that their leadership capabilities  improve.
·        The organization should also train the followers of how to behave and respond to a leader.
·        The organization must gauge the effectiveness of the leader periodically before investing all their time and resources towards that person.


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