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Brand Name and Mascot, Logos - Business Quiz Questions with Answers

What is the Reebok Logo called?

Answer: The Dynamic Vector

What is the Nike Logo Called?

Answer: Swoosh

What is the name of the tiger mascot of Kellogg's Frosties breakfast cereal?

Answer: Tony

This Tyre company's logo was formed with the suggestion of a lorry driver at a small road-side dhaba, who said that a good tyre should be tough and rugged as a wrestler - thus giving them their famous logo. Name the company? 
Hint: Chennai Based rubber products company, founded by KM Mammem Mappilai and his family. 

Answer: MRF Tyres. (MRF stands for Madras Rubber Factory)

Which brand has Colonel Harland David Sanders as its mascot?

Answer: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

What is the name of the clown of the fast food giant McDonald?

Answer: Ronald

Which is the world's best selling condom brand?
Answer: Durex

What does Durex stands for?

Answer: Durability, Reliability, and Excellence

Chennai based TI Cycles of India(popular with BSA brand cycles) started by Tuber Investment Group(UK) and popular diversified Indian company. Which is the company?

Answer: Murugappa Group.

Which is the adhesive brand once displayed its strength in a unique way.  It glued a car on an hoarding for 10 days.

Answer: Araldite 


  1. Very good explanation and questions... Come up with many more.. Need many more such questions. Few questions were asked in the Economic Times Business Quiz last year.

  2. Here is the complete list of quiz questions. The page is updating regularly.


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