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Understanding Customer Experience, The importance of CEM over CRM

The points mentioned in this article can be described briefly under the following headings.

1. Defining what is customer experience
2. The importance of CEM over CRM
3. Means of tracking customer experience and acting on it
4. Rating the customers

Most companies forget to keep the customer experience on the forefront and prioritize on factors like marketing, advertising, increasing sales and promoting their products. Customers are baited by offering special concessions and other attractive packages but when it comes to taking care of the customer requirement and answering their queries, customers are ignored instantly. Customer experience is all about the indirect and the direct contact it makes with the Company.

Its high time Customer Relationship Management took the back seat and Customer Experience Management is treated with importance. Companies spend millions just on CRM software which is not justifiable. After all, if the Companies gave more importance to CEM then they could improve upon their service depending on a positive or a negative response.

There are three patterns of customer experience: Persistent, Periodic, Pulsed. By analyzing such data frequently, the Company can evaluate and improve their services periodically. This is a great means to stay up-to-date and in tandem with client’s satisfaction.

Rating the customers can give a clear right picture of whether sales will improve for the next quarter or will be poor. Customers can be divided into four kinds – Model Customers, Growth Customers, At-risk customers and Dangling customers. With such kind of information, the Company can study on how to improve their present sales records.

Concluding, Customer dissatisfaction is widespread. A measure has to be taken to improve this.


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