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E-voting: New Implementation.

Shareholder Voting: The CDSL(Central Depository Services (India) Limited) which provides demat account has come up recently introduced a new service in the company’s voting process called E-Voting, where a eligible investor/shareholder can cast their vote for an resolution taken by the company/organization.

What is e-voting and How e-voting works?
E-voting is a facility made available for the Companies to make their shareholders to cast their vote electronically on the resolutions where usually requiring postal ballot.

How e-voting benefit the shareholders of the Company?
It is an platform using internet which will enable an investors/shareholder to take part in the decision making process of companies by expressing his willingness and the shareholders can vote easily on any number of resolutions for any number of companies in which they are eligible to vote.  One can view the resolution file on the e-Voting website.
As the traditional form of filling up the physical Postal Ballot and returning it to the Company, is now not required instead use this service which will help in reducing the paper work, time as well as cost involved. The investors is provided ample time to vote where even till the last day & last minute one can cast the vote.

This new process will help in following a fair and transparent manner for all stakeholders by providing the convenience, reducing delays and increase the shareholders involvement in the various kinds of shareholders meetings.  The main objective for the introduction of this service is to maintain transparency in the voting system, thus maintaining good corporate governance and of course reducing the administrative cost.

*This service is offered for absolutely free of cost.


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