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Information Technology Companies Business Quiz Q&A

Business Quiz questions and answers on Information Technology/ Computers Companies.

Which was the first company in the world to manufacture computers for commercial use?
Remington Rand

Before 1924, famous company IBM was known as?
Answer: Computer Tabulating and Recording company.

In India, which was the first place where the computer was installed?
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

The company "Intel", the largest microprocessor manufacturer. What does Intel stands for?
Answer: Integrated Electronics.

Which is the company popularly known "Big Blue?

Which IT companies has started their businesses in garage at Silicon Valley?
Sun Micro System, Televideo Systems, Hewlett-Packward are few.

The order of two surnames was decided by tossing a coin by the founders and established the company in Alto, CA. Which is the company?

Financial institutions are linked with a dedicated global computer network called SWIFT, what does SWIFT stands for?
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial telecommunication.

Iridium, a small communication satellites was developed by?

Yahoo's kid section/web guide is called as?

The ERP market leader SAP AG, a germany firm, what does SAP stands for?
Systems Applications Planning

Which company was once popular for its mini computers, started by a group of engineers led by Ken Olsen?
Digital Equipment Corporation.

On what day Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple computers in 1976?
Answer: April Fool's Day

Human Technology is a trademark of which mobile phone manufacturer?

A company in 1998, approached founders for a merger, but Yahoo refused saying them to come back whey they had grown up. Which company is that?

The costliest mobile phones in the world is manufactured by?

The First True word processor was developed by?


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