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Indian Current Affairs Q&A: June-July-August 2011

India National General knowledge/Current affairs questions and answers occurred in the month of June-July-August 2011 . Basically these kind of questions are expected in general quiz exams or even sometime in business quiz to check the general knowledge. 

National news General Knowledge question and answers:
The place where India is setting up a Gamma Ray Telescope is
Answer: Hanie (Leh)

The winner of Mauritius Open Badminton Championship is
Answer: Chetan Anand

Free and compulsory education will be extended up to
Answer: X class

The new mother child health care scheme launched on June 1, 2011 is called
The Janani Shishu Suraksha karyakram

The Indian American who recently won U.S. Spelling Bee competition is
Sukanya Roy

The new Finance Secretary of India is
Sunil Mitra

The new armed forces medical services chief is?
Answer: H.L. Kakria

The host of global biodiversity meet in 2012 is held at?
Answer: Hyderabad

The committee on comprehensive Review of National Small savings fund has suggested 4% interest on?
Answer: Post Office Savings Deposits.

The central government recently cleared 16 FDI proposals worth?
Answer: 923 crores.

Junior National Hockey championship is won by which team?
Answer: Punjab

Recently India commissioned its 
Answer: Fast Attack Craft(FAC) INS Kabra

NATGRID stands for
Answer: The National Intelligence Grid.

Iron Age burial site has been found in?
Answer: Tiruvannamali, Tamilnadu

The century longest lunar eclipse was occurred on
Answer:  June 16, 2011


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