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Deodorants Available in Market!

Lately one can see many brand of deodorants are available in the market, where few months back only very selective brands were known.  It clearly shows that there is huge market for this kind of products.  Huge competition is already been observed, being Axe, Market Leader in Deodorants (Hindustan Unilever product) being in the top of list further the indication show it get more aggressive.

Here are the few brands of Body Deodorants which is available in the current market shelf space (Indian especially).

List of Deodorants available in the market:

Zatak Deodorants - Just Zatak Her! (Paras Pharma Product)
- Four Variety: Zatak Spicy, Woody, Musk, Cool)

Adidas Deodorant Spray - (Adidas Body Care Product)
Men Range: Ice Effect, Eau de Toilette, Afer-Shave, Shower Gel, Game, Foot care.
Women Range: Mineral Effect, Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel, Game Deodorant.

Garnier - Take Care ( L'Oreal (UK) Limited)
- Garnier Mineral Deodorant

Nivea Deodorant: (Beiersdorf product)
- Fresh Blue Roll-on, Fresh Blue Spray, Fresh Natural Spray etc.

Cinthol Deodorant - (Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) product)

Fa - (Henkel Product)

Park Avenue - (J.K.Helene Curtis Ltd Product)
- Park Avenue Good Morning, PA Classic Deo Talc, PA Double Deo Talc

Zuska - 
Cuticura Body Deodorant - ( Cholayil Pvt. Ltd product)
- Cuticura Mehek ul Rooh Deodorant

Zuska - Make A Smart Move
Nike Deodorant

Axe - The Axe Effect (HUL Product)

Barbie Deodorant
HotWheels Deodorant
Disney - Donald Duck Refreshing Deodorant
Ferrari Red Deodorant
Davidoff Cool Water Men's Deodorant Spray
Playboy Pack of 6 Deodorants

Azzaro Chrome Legend Deodorant
Combo of Jovan Musk Perfume
Benetton Energy Men deo + Energy Women Deo Deodorant

The above are few list of brands, and in fact there are few more to add up to the above list.


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  2. i love zatac spicy coz my girl friend loves it


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