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How to Send Google+ Invitation?

Getting an Invitation is quite hard than Sending an Invitation in Google Plus. Anyhow if you are looking for invitation get it from HERE.

And once you are done registering your new account, you could find an option Circles at the top of the home page, and click on it will lead to Circles page where you are given suggestion of your friends whom you have added already in your Gmail/Orkut/ or other google products. And in case if you don't have your friends in the suggestion and someone who is not using Gmail for the Google Plus invitation, follow the below procedure. Its very simple takes 2 Minutes to complete.

Click on the Drag here to create new circles, you would end up like this
Enter the New Circle name and the Email address/id of the person whom you want to invite and click create new circle. Invitation is sent to the person. After that open the circle and you can keep on adding your friends and keep inviting the new to your Circle/Network.

Enjoy Google Plus.


  1. please invite me on g+ as well ??

  2. Antony Joy GeorgeJuly 17, 2011 at 4:00 AM

    please invite me..........



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