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Internship Project Titles

Here are few summer internship project broad titles which can be undertaken in Finance, Operation, Marketing, Human Resource(HR) areas.

  1. JIT (just in time) 
  2. EOQ
  3. ABC analysis 
  4. Vendor performance 
  5. Quality Circle
  6. TQM
  7. ISO 9000
  8. Value engineering
  9. Centralize purchase system
  10. Management Audit
  11. Company analysis with ratio/fund flow
  12. Study of stock exchange
  13. Role of SEBI
  14. Joint venture of the company
  15. Takeover/Acquisition or Mergers performance analysis
  16. Marginal cost as management tool
  17. Product Life Cycle
  18. Media plan
  19. Test Marketing/Pilot study
  20. Export pricing
  21. Role of Small Scale Industries(SSI) in developing nation
  22. Role of SIDBI
  23. Role of EXLM bank
  24. Study of Financial Institute
  25. Mutual fund
  26. Privatization insurance, road, ports etc.


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