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MBA Internship Project HR Titles List.

As a part of MBA/PGDM people are asked to do projects as Summer Internship Project(SIP)/Training period. This list will help in deciding what type of HR Projects you are interested to work on.

MBA Internship Project HR Titles.
1.   HR Planning & Recruitment - Comparison between PSU and Private Sector Companies.
2.   HRP in Public Sector Organization -  A Case Study
3.   HRD Strategies - Comparison between PSU and Private Sector Companies
4.   HRM Practices in an Organization.
5.   Impact of Training on the performance of employees - A Case Study
6.   Selection and Recruitment practices in an organization - A Case Study
7.   Application of appraisal strategies in an organization - A Case Study
8.   Labour /Employee Turnover - A Case Study
9.   Settlement and Grievances Handling in an organization - A Case Study
10.   Role of HRM department in Turnaround management
11.   Role of HRM department in a Growing organization
12.   Role of HRM department in ERP (SAP / People Soft)
13.   HR Accounting
14.   Alignment between process requirements & Governance capabilities in BPO
15.   Philosophy of HR Management
16.   Talent Management
17.   Knowledge Management
18.   Affect of Leadership on Performance of the Organization
19.   Career Stagnation dcauses and effects on the Individual / Organization
20.   Organizational effectiveness through HRD in the Changed Liberalized markets
21.   Organizational Climate and Leadership of an Organization a comparative study
22.   Design of Personal Information system for an organization
23.   Culture and Cross border Mergers & Acquisitions
24.   High Skill Equilibrium
25.   High Skill Eco System
26.   Knowledge Transfer through Inheritance
27.   Jib satisfaction and Health of employees in an organization
28.   Reward system - a tool for promoting desired organizational performance a case study
29.   Identification of training needs of security personnel in an organization
30.   HRD Strategies and Industrial Relations - A Case Study
31.   Planning and Identifying HRD interventions for solving organizational problems a study
32.   Role of change agent (External/internal) in an organization
33.   Role of HRD in TQM
34.   Various Incentive schemes a comparative study.
35.   Work Measurement and wage payment plans
36.   Study of Employee morale and attitudes
37.   Pay Revision Management
38.   Wage fixing administration
39.   Quality of work life
40.   Motivation and morale
41.   Dignity of Labour
42.   Performance appraisal and counseling
43.   Training needs analysis
44.   Positive force field analysis and change management
45.   HRM Consultants
46.   E-Learning
47.   Paperless office


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