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iCloud - Apple's New Product.

What is iCloud?
Apple's iCloud is a set of free cloud-based services that will allow users to sync their apple devices with each other and manager personal data easily.
What does iCloud do?
Everything can be stored online and accessed via either 3G or Wi-Fi.  To sign up, you need an Apple ID and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5 or a Mac running Mac OS X Lion.

When will iCloud be available?
While the beta is available to developers now, end users should expect to get access by Q3 this year.
What is iCloud for us?
iCloud will be particulary useful for those who own multiple iOS devices.  All data will remain backed up, accessable if your device gets stolen or needs to be rest.

iCloud Free Download.
iCloud will be available as a free download when Apple releases the new version of iOS this fall.  This feature will include 5 Gigabytes of free storage for users files, plus unlimited room for purchased apps and books, and recent phots.
The New version of iOS will come with a notification system to alert users when they get text messages and updates from applications such as Facebook.  It also will make it easier to see Web articles and save them for future reading.  
As part of iCloud, Apple introduced a $24.99 music feature called iTunes Match that will scan every song in users libraries and match it with a copy in the cloud.  That means customers do not have to upload all their music song by song. 

Attack on Rivals: Apple is competing with, the biggest online retailer, and Google's Android software, which runs rival smartphones(for Samsung, HTC, and Motorola) and tablet computers.   A new Twitter, Inc. partnership will help users access the social networking service and post photos. And a feature called Newsstand lets customers purchase and organize newspaper and magazine subscription for the iPad and iPhone


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