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How to Fight against Tiredness and Boredom.

Is that you wondering how to get rid of boredom, or tiredness. Here is what you can do if your energy has taken a brief vacation.
Take a Nap: What a concept! when you are to tired to do something, take a short nap to revive yourself.  Maximize that nap's effect by keeping it short- 20 Minutes is ideal, 40 minutes absolute maximum.  After that, you go into another phase of sleep and you may wake even more tired than before.

Have a Drink: A little caffeine will not harm you a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of soda.  Just be careful not to mainline it - caffeine's "wakeup" properties seems to reverse when you reach a certain level, making you far more tired than you were!

Turn Down the Heat: You need not build an Igloo out back, but too warm a room will inevitably leave you dreaming of sugarplums.. while your paper remains unwritten on your desk.

Shake a Leg: Go for a walk, high step around the kitchen, do a few jumping jacks - even  mild physical exertion will give you an immediate lift.

Change your Schedule: Presuming you have some choice here, find a way to do the things when you are normally more awake and/or most efficient.


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