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How to Set a Goal as Part of your Life?

All the time people ask you what is your Goal? what you want to achieve in future? let that be in an interview or other. The major problem answering this question is the individual himself does not know what to do, or do not know how to set a goal for himself. 

Here are some hits I think will help in setting up goals a part of your life.

Be Realistic when you Set Goals: Do not aim too high or too low, and do not be particularly concerned when (if not) you have to make adjustments along the way.
Be Realistic about your expectations: Seek a greater understanding of a subject for which you have little aptitude rather than getting hopelessly bogged down if total mastery is just not in the cards.
Do Not Give Up too Easily: You can be overly realistic - too ready to give up just because something is a trifle  harder than you would like.  Do not aim too high and feel miserable when you do not come close, or aim too low and never achieve your potential - find the path that is right for you.
Concentrate on areas that offer the best chance for Improvement: Unexpected successes can do wonders for your confidence and might make it possible for you to achieve more than you thought you could, even in other areas.
Monitor your achievements and keep Resetting your Goals: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, - ask yourself how you have done and where you would like to go now.
Put your Goal Pyramid right up on the Wall: See It, Feel It. Live It.


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