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Study Group: Tips for Forming your Own Study Group.

How to form a Group for Studying. Group studies can be very helpful and can make the study more interesting and easy.

Tips for Forming your Own Study Group:

  • I suggest four students minimum, probably six maximum. You want to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate as much as he or she wants while maximizing the collective knowledge and wisdom of the group.
  • While group members needn't be best friends, they should not be overtly hostile to one another, either.  Seek diversity of experience and demand common dedication.
  • Try to select students who are at least as smart, committed, and serious as you.. That will encourage you to keep yo and challenge you're the "star".
  • Avoid inviting members who are inherently unequal into the group - boyfriend/girlfriends combination in which one or the other may be inhibited by the amore's presence; situations where on students works for another.
  • Decide early on if you are forming a study group or a social group.  If it is the latter do not it is the former.  If the former, do not just invite your friends and informally site around discussing your teacher for an hour each week. 
  • My suggestion is to assign each class to one student. Each student must master his or her assignment class, completing any supplemental assigned reading, taking outstanding notes, outlining the course, being available for questions, and preparing various practice quizzes.
  • Needless to say, all of the other students should still attend class, take their own notes, and do there own reading and homework assignments. But the student assigned a particular class should attempt to actually become the "substitute professor" of that class in the study group.


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