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Google Plus Vs Other Social Networking Sites, Just for Fun.

Since the start of Google + beta version itself there is been lots of expectations on it and people think that this new service will succeed in surpassing the Facebook and beat it just like what the Facebook did to Orkut.

Is it really the time has come? Will Facebook fade up, and Google will take a revenge on it? Well I don't know. There is been lots of funny pictures and videos is being circulating showing facebook and other social networking sites inferior to Google Plus. Let wait and watch what really happens, for now just see this picture, just for fun!

Application of Google Vs Facebook rivalry in Football game. [Click on the Images to view the motion if it failed to play automatically]

Google got many(Gmail, Chrome, Google +) to shatter whole Internet empire.
Is this called Head On!!

 Haha.. The Evolution of social networking sites.

Mortal Combat version How Google Plus going to take on Facebook.

This is the best one I like personally, since Mark Zuckerberg is on Google plus and having the highest followers even more than the google founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, asking an invitation from him.. Reason to give a laugh. :)


  1. Google Plus is now become the fastest social network that many people like and I think it will become the good competitor with Facebook.


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