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Telecom New Players Entry, cut throat competiton.

Already more than 8 big existing telecom companies are facing an cut throat competition, which was largely started after the entry of Tata DOCOMO in the "GSM Arena", there is another player entering this telecom industry. The Brand name is very much familiar in India, but new to the Telecom industry it is "VIDEOCON".

After and major cut down in the call rates, each company is trying to allure the new customer with new plans, offers, quality advertising and more. Since the recent surveys says that in India there are more mobile users that toilets, this turned to be an good news to the new comers to invest their money in this burgeoning and profitable business market.

Airtel and Reliance communication has turned more that 10 million users, while the rest are very close to reach it, let see how the new player is going to survive in this market.

Videocon Mobile Services entered the market with an agenda of reaching 100 cities in 100 days with an investment of about Rs.14,000 crores in coming next 3 years. They have already introduced their services in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Gujarat already and with an plan of providing services at the best and cheapest rate with less than 1p/sec. There expectation by 2013 for an turnover of about $4 Billion.

Best about Videocom GSM Said by the spokeperson is,
>Cheap call rate
>Best Signal and coverages.
>Unique Value Added Services(VAS)

But the recent plans presented by them does not looks to be great, that one can think of going for it and quite confusing to an starter like the plans introduced by Uninor earlier.
Here is the Videocon GSM Tariff plan.

Videocon GSM Sim-Start Up Kit Rs 49 - Talk-Value of Rs 5

First Recharge Rc31

Local & STD calls - 1p/s

365 days

Talktime Rs.25

First Recharge Rc61

Local & STD calls - 1p/s

365 days

Talktime Rs.61

First Recharge Rc101

Local & STD calls - 1p/s

365 days

Talktime Rs.120 + STV Rs28

The leading mobile operator Airtel with around1.3 billion users in India which started is leading in the market since 15 years is making around $7 Billion, will the videocon can be able to reach it in within Three financial years.

We have to wait and watch what plans drives Videocon to achieve this target.


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