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Volcanic Ash Eyjafjallajökull / Iceland Mountain Glacier.

An volcanic eruption occurred on March 20th 2010, in Eyjafjallajökull, which is one of the smallest glaciers in Iceland where the icecap covers the top of the volcano. But this eruption did not had and much impact on anything.

Later on 14 April 2010 a major eruption resumed and when the water got melted it got created floods and rush down to the nearby rivers on both side of the volcano, and the forcing the residents to evacuated.

These glacier has erupted, and leaving tons of ash and smoke in the atmosphere. In this ash particles like sand, rock, makes the aircraft engine non working by jamming it and this caused and disruption in the flight schedules. Most of the European airport has been kept close since most of the flights has been cancelled because of this.
Its been said that there is been and loss of around $200 million/day to the airline companies.

This eruption not only posing and temporary hazard it even effect at and larger extent on Environmental effects.

Here is an video of Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic eruption


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