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Apart from Academics, What Did You Learned At College? - Interview Question

A another common question, especially in the campus placement interview. Aside academics, what else did you got a chance to learn in the college? or a straight forward question, List 5 learning from the college. Do not blabber saying dedication, punctuality, etc vaguely. Answer precisely, with a well framed answer. Prepare for it. Here are the few examples.
  • I have gained several skills - organizing my workloads for assignments, researching information, meeting deadlines and working on joint projects/group assignments with other students have been some of the most significant learning.
  • An job experienced can answer in this way., returning to university as a mature student, I have learned so much about time management and good planning.  I have a young family and I have also taken on part-time work to help my finances.  I have met all my deadlines and I expect to do well in my final exams.
  • Showing adaptability as your learning: Living away from home for the first time I quickly learned how hard it was to manage on a tight budget, people from different cultures around, but it has done me a lot of good and I have learned a great deal about taking decisions, solving problems for myself and I think I have gained a lot of common sense.
Another common answer, but answer in the same way.

  • Number 1: Thanks for my lecturers, who has given me an opportunity to work on various out of campus research project, from which I could able to learn various things like scheduling my time with academic and non-academic work.
  • Number 2: Got an chance to volunteer in college fest, where i was involved in finance/designing/operation/hospitality/promotion committee and learned these things.
  • Number 3:... so on.


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