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Here are some more logo based question and answers I have made. This time, I have deliberately put few logo with little changes in it. You just have to figure out which logo belong to which company. These kind of logo based question you can expect in an quiz, where part of the whole logo is displayed and you are asked to answer it.
Hint are provided for the logo below, you can find the the answers of this logo here. You are directed to answers page.
Hint: You find this logo it on every ambulance, it is an volunteer led organization formed in 1881. This is the easiest question among the logo here, as you can figure it out from the logo itself. 
Hint: Motors manufacture handcrafted motor cars in Crewe, based in England.
Hint: An American company famous for its Power tools and home improvement products.
Hint: A 2nd largest cosmetic franchise in the world, which claims it produced ethical natural products.
e)British Airways
Hint: One of the famous Airline company.
Hint: This should be the easier one, a fast food chain company.
Hint: One of the largest home appliance maker in the world.
Hint: A manufacture of sporting clothes and accessories, which started there business making underwear and socks in its initial.
Hint: A famous brand of Denim.
Hint: US based company and the company claims to have the world's largest electronic database for legal and public-records information.
Hint: A product of Procter & Gamle(P&G), a potato product.
Hint: UK based financial services company, a multi national company, and a best clue, it has an merger with ICICI in India.

Answer for the question
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