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Check List for an Interview

things+to+be+considered+before+interviewIt's a very common question always arises and people mess up things because of simple reasons which they miss to do it. To overcome those mistake it better to make a check list and verify before the interview day and so that these things should not act as an hindrance for cracking a interview.

Here is the Interview Check List for an Perfect Preparation.
  • Double check your interview date, place and time.
  • Read through your application form and/or Curriculum Vitae(CV), or the notes you made during a telephone call.
  • Ensure that you have read any instructions about your interview.  Sometimes you are asked to bring something with you or arrive early for a tour of the department or production site.
  • Review your travel plans.
  • Make sure your interview wardrobe is in good order.
  • Complete any research you need to do about the job/organisation.
  • Remind yourself of your key selling points.
  • Switch off your mobile phones - no interviewer wants to know which of your friends is on a train at the moment, or even that you are just about to clinch a big sales deal; there is a time and place for everything.
  • Be positive - be brilliant.


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