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Interview Question: What is your Greatest Achievement and Strength?

Another sample interview question followed by Tell me about yourself in an interview, is what do you think that is your greater achievement till date? or What is you strengths?

These job interview question is asked to know what is the best you have did till now or what are you capable to do the best for the company or how your have overcame obstacles in life. It can be very generic or your previous office experience.

Examples of question like what is your greatest accomplishments? you can say is.

Prior job/office experience achievement:
Being asked to manage the department I currently run, has been extremely significant for me.  I had only been working there for two years and I had assumed that some with more experience than me would be asked.  I had worked hard and put a lot of energy into developing and expanding our customer base.  But I had not anticipated a reward coming quite so soon.  the real achievement for me is that I have managed to do this and avoid resentment from other staff who might have assumed hat they would be asked to do the job.

General/Personal life achievement:
To be honest - giving up smoking.  I never thought I could do it and I had dozens of attempts that ended in failure.  It isn't just the fact that I don't smoke any more,  I have gained so much personal insight and I deal with potentially stressful situation at work so much more effectively now.  I fell more energetic, more mentally alert and far calmer than I ever did before.

When you are asked to list down you strengths: 
General Examples are greatest strength
Dealing with people, keeping calm, where people around me are agitated.
Finding imaginative solutions I have come up with new office deign.
I also developed motivation courses to junior staff because of huge employee turnover.


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