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The Entry of Anna Hazare in Social Networking Sites/Blog.

Hello Friends,

Here it goes the fresh news of Anna Hazare, who made his first inaugural post in his blog addressing My Sisters & Brothers, and started using the most popular channel in the present time to reach the mass audience. Yes, Anna is on Facebook, Twitter and Google+(plus) along with his newly started blog and asked all to follow him.

If you want to follow Anna Hazare on any of these sites, here are the links:

"Anna Hazare Facebook Account", "Anna Hazare Twitter Account", "Anna Hazare Google+ ID", 

Google+ ID – Anna Hazare Says


  1. what happend to you mr. anna, first check the corrupt people in your own group and then look at others. A mere law cannot eradicate corruption. corrruption is in peoples mind and heart. which law can remove corruption from peoples minds.


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