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Best Answers for Tell Me Something About Yourself: Interview Question

If you have attended any interview, you would encounter the first question ie., Tell Me About Yourself?. Are you wondering what is the best answer for this question? Well to be very frank there is no predetermined answer for this question. But in simple, you are expected to tell something new and which is not there in the resume already.

Always answer which grabs the interviewer attention, let that be even negative also, don't worry, because you are creating some impression rather going numb. Later on going you can change the interviewer impression if you created a negative impression earlier. There are few examples I provided for this question.

Here there are few more answers which can create an impression in the interview.
  • Perhaps you should begin by telling you why you have chosen to apply for this job at this stage in the career and outline how the experience in your current and previous jobs related to the post you applied for.
  • You can start by telling something about the course you have completed, what you have gained form it and how it links with your plans for the future.
  • May be even you should start by telling one or two of the more unusual things you did, and what you think you have learned from it and what you have to offer to this post. (make sure the unusual things should be particular to work projects, experience or other interest you got)
  • You can even begin by describing the sort of person you are, or at least how friends and colleagues would describe you and a supporting point of your behavior to those description. 
The reason why it is difficult to answer this question is, because you are unsure what to include, where to begin, how long to go on, etcetra.


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